Should I Hire a Per Diem Lawyer?

There is a constant struggle going on at many smaller law firms, where they have to grapple with their lack of resources while maintaining a quality service for top clients. The options may include having lesser clients, hiring more permanent staff or working more hours.

temporary lawyer

But there is another option that many do not consider; hiring a per diem lawyer when necessary. The concept of hiring a temporary lawyer is not a new one, but many firms simply ignore the option as they do not see it as helpful.

What is a Per Diem Lawyer?

A lawyer that you hire temporarily is someone who can come in within 24 hours and perform work that you need done. It can be work directly related to the case or paralegal work. A per diem lawyer could even handle a small case for you, if necessary.

Why Hire a Per Diem Lawyer?

The reasons for hiring such lawyers include convenience, extra help at modest prices, quick turnaround time and delegation of busy work. Per diem lawyers can do a lot of the busy work that may take up a lot of time, but does not require a high level of expertise.

Contacting Temporary Attorneys

The process of hiring a per diem lawyer is very easy. Your firm would make contact with the per diem attorney’s organization, request services for a specific time frame and make payment arrangements. The lawyer can show up the next morning to your offices. Or they can work on the case from their own place of business.

The beauty of hiring a per diem lawyer is they often use their own resources, while providing you with the output that you need for a case. Say there is a bankruptcy case that you need covered in the coming week. Hire a per diem attorney and you have the help you needed!